Antique Scales at The Neidhammer

If you've visit The Neidhammer Coffee Shop, chances are you've noticed the antique scales around the room. Have you ever wondered the story behind those scales?

Photo May 01, 5 01 40 PM.jpg

Meet Rick Collins, our curator of vintage scales. Rick is a carpenter by trade, and also has five oils in limited edition publication. He was represented by the Saxon Mountain Gallery in Georgetown, Colorado for several years when he used to paint full-time. We also have featured his oil paintings here at The Neidhammer!

Rick has been restoring scales for about three years, after he first purchased a few that captured his attention.

"Finding the scales is the most difficult task," said Rick. "I search out the internet, antique stores, and thrift shops. The scales are bead blasted to remove old paint and rust, and then either primed and painted or nickel-plated, polished, and calibrated to function correctly."

Photo May 01, 5 02 03 PM.jpg

Rick told us that the typical scale takes about five days to complete. And the scales at The Neidhammer only scratch the surface of his capabilities.

You can come see his work in our Coffee Shop, and if one catches your eye you can even buy it from us!

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