Elevations by Ana Jeftenic

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Stop by the coffee shop this month and you'll find artwork by Ana Jeftenic! Here's a little bit about her Elevations work:

"My first memory is of light. Architecture alters space and shapes light, creating intersections between the artificial and the natural. I love how a window can frame the sky - a view - like a painting. And the painting is always shifting.

Elevations are places of refuge. Seeking high ground in a flood is a survival instinct for the body and spirit. Elevations also are diagrams of facades of buildings. A single line can separate the sky - the infinite - from a finite structure.

I am drawn to the language of light, reinterpreting its movement through space on two dimensions. I want to express physical phenomena not as they are but as they could be, through the filters of sight, memory and process.

'Light dos not stay,' Tennessee Williams wrote. When it returns, it has changed, and so have we."

Stop by The Neidhammer on Sunday, September 9th from 4-7 pm for Ana Jeftenic's Artist Open House!