FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION OF the mutual undertakings herein, agreed to and to be performed in Indianapolis, Indiana, Photographer (“you”) and the neidhammer (“we”) agree as follows:
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If any individual does not comply with the conditions contained herein, the Neidhammer reserves the right to deny permission to photographer and client/s and may request that the individuals leave the premises. The signature below indicates that , understands and fully agrees with the Photography guidelines outlined herein and agrees to hold the Neidahmmer harmless for any and all damages, injuries, and/or losses that may occur while on Neidhammer property


(a) The Photographer agrees to pay $15.00 per hour, with a minimum of two (2) hours.  Payment is due upon arrival. 

(b) If the photo shoot lasts longer than the estimated time, the remainder must be paid upon checkout.  Any extension longer than 15 minutes will result in a minimum charge of one (1) additional hour.  If photographer fails to check out, Neidhammer Events will charge up to an additional 2 hours, at their discretion, to the credit card on file. No shows will be charged to their credit card on file.  

(c) Payments may be made via (cash, check, or credit card.)


(a) Candles: All candles must be contained or enclosed in glass. The flame must not reach higher than 2 inches below the height of the glass.

(b) Misc décor:  Decorations may not be hung with tape, wire, nails or screws, which could damage the venue. All decorations must be removed without leaving damages before photographer checks out.

(c) Moving of Neidhammer furniture/decor: Please do not move furniture or other items without permission from Neidhammer staff.  Any items not moved by Neidhammer staff are moved at the personal financial risk of the Photographer and Client.  Any scratches or other damages caused by Photographer and/or Client, will be charged to Credit Card on file.

(d) Please leave any areas that are used within Neidhammer in the same condition in which they were found.  If any cleaning is required by Neidhammer because of the photo shoot, a minimum fee of $50.00 will be charged to the Credit Card on file.


Neidhammer’s photography prices are much lower than our other rental fees.  The reason for this is that your photographs make Neidhammer look amazing and help to promote our venue.  We hope to have a longstanding and positive relationship with each photographer who uses our space.  In order to keep this price low, we ask that your share any photos taken here with Neidhammer.

(a)  All photos taken at The Neidhammer will also be the property of Neidhammer and will be used for promotional purposes.

(b) A minimum of five (5) photographs must be posted on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Etc.) tagging Neidhammer as the venue.

(c) Neidhammer is owned and run by families.  We, therefore, ask that you keep your photographs family-friendly.  No shocking, boudoir, nude, or otherwise risque photography is permitted anywhere at The Neidhammer.


Either Photographer or Client must sign a Credit Authorization Form that will be held as a Security Deposit.  Damages to Neidhammer property up to $500.00 will be charged to the Credit Card on file. If any damages that exceed the amount of the security deposit shall be the responsibility of the Photographer and Client named on this form.  After two weeks, if no damage has occurred, the Credit Authorization Form will be shredded and/or deleted from files.



Please be aware of others who are using our space. We often have several people/groups using the space at the same time.  Please keep noise levels at courteous levels during your shoot.  We appreciate all of our renters’ efforts to not interfere with others’ use of our building.  Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you for considering the Neidhammer.  We look forward to meeting you!