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Bride & Groom in front of windows

Don’t Sleep on Choosing a Wedding Date

Having trouble choosing a wedding date? Let’s start with a quick booking horror story. November through February is peak tour and booking season and that means Neidhammer is giving tours and booking brides every day, it’s not uncommon for us to have multiple tours in one day! As you know, there are only so many …

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Table Centerpiece by an Indianapolis Wedding Vendor

From a Venue: How To Treat Your Indianapolis Wedding Vendors

There are so many people that make a wedding day happen: photographers, videographers, caterers, florists, bakers, getaway drivers, venues (wink) and more depending on how the couple envisions their day. Every vendor is as important as the next! Truthfully, we believe in treating our Indianapolis wedding vendors well because, as a vendor ourselves, we know …

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Allison and Ryland Kissing

Affordable and Luxurious Weddings in Indianapolis

The Neidhammer specializes in making you a guest at your own wedding. Don’t stress on the best day of your life! The Affordable Luxury Package allows you to have a completely stress free day: mentally, physically, and financially. Have the day of your dreams starting at $10,000!     The Affordable Luxury Package provides our …

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a wedding procession at Niedhammer with Bride and Groom

A Twist on Tradition with First Look Wedding Photos in Indianapolis

If you’re in the midst of planning your big day, then you’ve probably heard about capturing a couple’s first looks – a top new trend in wedding photography. Traditionally, the groom gets his first glimpse as the bride steps onto the aisle. With a tear in his eye, his jaw agape, or with a grin …

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Neidhammer Coffee Co

The Best Catering for your Wedding

Beef or chicken? Pork or fish? Buffet or plated? While these are important questions for every wedding, the most coveted meal at a wedding isn’t the served dinner. No, no, the most important meal comes much later in the night, and sets your wedding apart from all other weddings. The late night snack! Yes, the …

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Neidhammer Coffee Cups & Wedding Bands

We’re Brewing Fridays for 5K Wedding Promo!

Are you dreaming of a fall wedding but think it’s too late to get married in fall 2021? Think again people! The Neidhammer is offering special seasonal pricing for Fridays throughout the fall! That’s right, September, October and November dates are available with promotional pricing and we can meet your budget! Fall Wedding Photos Now …

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Couple holding hands

Neidhammer Fall Wedding Favorites

Everyone loves fall weddings and so do we! There is a reason that fall is the peak season for weddings. The colors, the weather, the crisp air, every aspect is to die for. The Neidhammer has been lucky enough to host several fall weddings in Indianapolis and even a few Halloween weddings in our lifetime, …

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bride and groom toasting with Champagne

Unique Unity Binding Ceremonies We Love

Make your special day even more memorable with a unique twist on the classic unity binding ceremony… unity blending! A trendy new way to have your wedding, we have everything you need to make your “unity blending” a truly unforgettable occasion that everyone at your wedding party will enjoy. We offer a variety of different …

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