Indianapolis, IN

Don’t Sleep on Choosing a Wedding Date

Bride & Groom after Choosing a Wedding Date

Having trouble choosing a wedding date? Let’s start with a quick booking horror story. November through February is peak tour and booking season and that means Neidhammer is giving tours and booking brides every day, it’s not uncommon for us to have multiple tours in one day! As you know, there are only so many bookable wedding dates in a year. Recently, we had two tours with two separate couples on the same day and they both wanted the same date for their wedding. Both couples were aware that they both wanted the same day, and one couple chose to wait. The 2nd couple knew what they wanted and booked on the spot. The competition was fierce and we wish that both brides could share the date! We only host one wedding at a time at our Indianapolis wedding venue so each couple has their own special day! 


So why are we sharing this story? We want to show the importance of choosing a wedding date when you know it’s right! Statistics say that you probably were prepared for the engagement, so why not prepare for booking the actual date? 2022 is set to have the most weddings ever, about 2.6 million to be exact! Obviously, not all of them will be happening at your venue, but it’s safe to guess that another bride wants your venue on the same day as you (we’re looking at you, Fall Brides). If you are recently engaged, congratulations! Now set your venue tours, pick your wedding date, and book your venue! 

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