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From a Venue: How To Treat Your Indianapolis Wedding Vendors

There are so many people that make a wedding day happen: photographers, videographers, caterers, florists, bakers, getaway drivers, venues (wink) and more depending on how the couple envisions their day. Every vendor is as important as the next! Truthfully, we believe in treating our Indianapolis wedding vendors well because, as a vendor ourselves, we know that working a wedding means creating our couples’ dream day and for vendors, it means one very long day. So it’s worth discussing vendor treatment on a wedding day! 


First, and possibly most important, we believe that wedding vendors should not have to pay extra fees to work at a venue! It takes away the profit for each vendor, and we believe that forcing the couple to pay extra for the caterer they want isn’t right. That is one of the reasons that we’ve chosen to NOT have contracted mandatory caterers at our Indianapolis wedding venue! We encourage brides to ask their venues questions and ask for explanations of why they are restricted to one or two caterers and why there is a mandatory minimum price. We believe that transparency should be the standard. The bride pays each vendor to serve at the wedding, so why should the bride pay additional money for her vendor to work at the venue??


Table Centerpiece by an Indianapolis Wedding Vendor


Another consideration is that each wedding vendor is a professional in their own field, and while we may have suggestions on where to take photos in our building, we will never tell a photographer how to do her or his job! It is important that our couples tell their photographer the types of photos that they enjoy, but ultimately that they trust their photographer! They were hired for a reason! 


Andy Fresh Catering Indianapolis Wedding Vendor


For venues, it’s incredibly important that we and our clients value all vendors. We love having a shared social presence with photographers and videographers that share their work with us. Without a solid relationship with our caterers and bakers, we would not have awesome suggestions to give to prospective brides that walk in our door, and there would be no preferred wedding vendors list in our magazine! Every vendor is at your venue for a reason, and they know what they’re doing.


Table Gifts from an Indianapolis Wedding Vendor


Make sure your Indianapolis wedding vendors are treated the right way and reap the benefits! No one wants to work in a stressful environment, and no one wants to work in a venue for less. The wedding industry is held together by a monumental team effort, and we couldn’t make any of this happen without one another! 


Photos by Kae Marie Photography and Megan Malmquist Photography respectively.

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