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A Twist on Tradition with First Look Wedding Photos in Indianapolis

If you’re in the midst of planning your big day, then you’ve probably heard about capturing a couple’s first looks – a top new trend in wedding photography. Traditionally, the groom gets his first glimpse as the bride steps onto the aisle. With a tear in his eye, his jaw agape, or with a grin from ear to ear, his reaction is on display for all their family and friends to see. But now, this once public moment has evolved into a private opportunity for couples to connect, share words of support, or entice each other before the ceremony begins. Not only does a first look photo session provide some quiet before the storm, but it allows couples to fully experience the moment in their own way, and cherish it for years to come. Find out why our romantic wedding venue in Indianapolis is the perfect place to make this new trend your own, and see how your first look will lead to forever love.

bride and groom at our Indianapolis wedding venue

Scope Out a Special Spot for Your First Look Photos

At Neidhammer’s industrial-chic wedding venue you’ll find several picture perfect spots to serve as the backdrop for your magical moment. Whether you choose the Grand Hamilton Theater with its high ceilings and arch-framed stage, the light-filled Washington Room, or even the secluded staircase with brick backdrop, our eclectic setting is sure to enhance your beautiful photos. With so much historical detail, natural texture, wonderful light, and charming character, there’s no need to decorate, but we can help tailor a space to your desires if needed.

groom tearing up at bride first look in Indianapolis

Experience Some Serenity Before the Ceremony

Create that sweet, intimate moment that’s just for the two of you to celebrate together. With a first look photo session, you can take time to calm any pre-ceremony jitters, share special words that are just for your partner to hear, make the most of your appearance when your makeup, flowers and dress or suit are at their freshest, plus you’ll have more time to spend with your treasured guests during the reception! Delegate the design of your dream day to us, and allow yourself the time to take it all in.

bride embracing groom - first look wedding photos in Indianapolis

Try Out a New Trend with a Blind First Look

They say love is blind, but first looks can be too. If you think seeing each other before the wedding is bad luck, then a blind first look may be perfect for you! Pose back to back, or hold hands with one of our historic doors in between so you can still share words of love and encouragement with each other. Our unique indoor Indianapolis wedding venue has multiple rooms and locations to capture this creative compromise, so you can save the big reveal for the ceremony!

bride entering grand ballroom at our Indianapolis wedding venue

Let Your Forever Love Start With a First Look at Neidhammer

When you plan your event at Neidhammer you’ll get an ideal blend of past and present in our beautifully restored 1901 building. It’s the perfect place to embrace treasured traditions and try out modern trends. Our professional team is here to help you create memories you’ll savor for a lifetime by curating your special day your way. Whether you’re a modern bride, an old-school groom, or anywhere in between, our Indianapolis wedding venue can set the stage for your dream wedding day. Look no further than Neidhammer for the experts at first looks or other wedding trends and traditions.

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