Indianapolis, IN

Indy’s Table – A Community Response to Covid-19

In times of trial, we want to help our neighbors!
There are two distinct ways you can put hands to this – GIVING and SHARING! The 46201 zip code alone has staggering needs; 46% of our neighbors live below the poverty level, with 58% of children living in single parent homes. Do you know where your next meal is coming from? Many of our neighbors don’t.

Covid-19 has made all of our lives more difficult, but it has the most potential to be devastating to those already living in crisis situations.

We need all hands on deck.

In a collaboration between The Neidhammer and Westminster Neighborhood Services, we are organizing an effort to feed 5,000 of our neighbors every day until the COVID-19 crisis is resolved.

Locally owned and operated catering companies and restaurants in Indianapolis are waiting on our call to action. Delivering thousands of meals per day from their kitchens to our neighbors at greatest risk is no small undertaking; we are confident that serving up to 300,000 nutrient-packed meals over the course of the next eight weeks can be done, but it must be done together.

We are asking for you to help pay it forward. Each meal is nutritionally dense, made in a professional catering kitchen, and costs $5. Will you be a part of filling Indy’s Table? How many meals can you help us supply?

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