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Neidhammer Fall Wedding Favorites

Everyone loves fall weddings and so do we! There is a reason that fall is the peak season for weddings. The colors, the weather, the crisp air, every aspect is to die for. The Neidhammer has been lucky enough to host several fall weddings in Indianapolis and even a few Halloween weddings in our lifetime, and they are truly magical! So, if you’re a bride wanting to get married in the fall, or you are just wanting to know “what really make fall weddings so amazing?” you’ve come to the right place!


The Photos


First, fall wedding photos are amazing! If you’re hosting your wedding at a venue with outdoor space, odds are that there will be a lot of yellow, orange, and brown trees, perfect for photos so take advantage of it! We are suckers for wedding pictures with beautiful fall colors and leaves falling, the fall foliage is to die for. Your photographer will be in the zone, but make sure you tell them you want golden hour photos because sunset photos in the fall are too good to pass on. The Neidhammer is lucky enough to be steps away from Willard Park, which is perfect for golden hour fall photos.


If your venue doesn’t have a great outdoors space, don’t get discouraged! Photos with natural light from large windows look great as well; they can display the fall weather outside, which can be reinforced by the colors in the bridal party attire! There will be no question about what season your wedding is in. The Neidhammer has a large amount of natural light poring in from our windows, which is great for picture taking, and our couples and photographers always take advantage! Décor and table foliage can also be great for fall photos, and if you need inspiration there are plenty of ideas on our Fall Wedding Inspiration” Pinterest board!


Table Settings at a Fall Wedding

Warm Drinks


A good drink selection at a wedding is essential! Whether you want an open or cash bar, or you want to serve some amazing non-alcoholic choices, the bar is an area that is good to put thought into. At the Neidhammer, we have several creative options for alcoholic, non-alcoholic, and of course coffee lovers. We serve a beautiful warm mulled wine that is amazing for the fall. We also have a large selection of virgin drinks and a warm cider is our recommendation for the fall. Our favorite option however is coffee, and Neidhammer Coffee Co makes incredibly unique fall drinks. Our suggestion would be to serve the warm apple butter latte… Delicious.


Couple enjoying Neidhammer Coffee Co.

Photo by George Street Photography. Check out their website at

 The Weather


The best, yet most stressful, factor about hosting your wedding in the fall is the weather. It’s can be perfect, not too hot, not too cold, and your guests won’t be sweating bullets like they may at a summer ceremony. No one wants to be sweating at a wedding, especially not the bride! However, it may not be perfect and you may have to worry about rain. If the thought of your fall wedding getting rained on is keeping you awake at night, then it may be a good idea to have an indoor fallback option at your venue. The Neidhammer is exclusively an indoor venue, so our brides can be care free, trusting that their day won’t be spoiled by the weather outside!


Two couples showing off how versatile fall photos can be

Photos by Violet Short and Miranda Razo, respectively. Check out their websites:           and

Final Thoughts


Fall weddings are absolutely stunning, and they are loved by plenty of brides. If you are an aspiring fall bride then make sure you book early, because the dates you want won’t last! Make sure to get plenty of amazing photos at the nearby park or your venue, serve some creative drinks, and check your weather app! Most of all, make sure to enjoy your day, and hopefully we will get to enjoy your fall wedding with you.

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