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Neidhammer Staff Spotlight: Alyssa

Meet Alyssa! Alyssa is the Administrative Assistant at The Neidhammer!


Alyssa Square HeadshotWhat is your favorite thing about working at The Neidhammer? 

I love the sense of community here. The administrative team is a mismatched family and we are all so supportive of one another. The baristas are amazing people and bring warmth to the cafe just as we bring warmth to events! Not a lot of people want to go to their work if they aren’t scheduled, but more often then not I am in the cafe on my days off!


In your opinion, what makes The Neidhammer unique / stand out? 

The Neidhammer is such a fun historical place with an industrial vibe that is at the same time warm and comforting. It’s trendy but also familiar—something that is hard to balance!


What do you enjoy doing in your free time? 

I love reading, watercolor painting, long boarding, knitting and going on outdoor adventures!


What is a fun fact about you? 

I spent a month in Italy studying art history, and lived in five different cities while staying there!


Why should people choose The Neidhammer to host events? 

Something I discovered in the first few weeks of working here is that we have an amazing level of transparency with our clients. We don’t add extra fees and don’t haggle you for something you don’t want. We want you to have the best experience with YOUR budget and with YOUR preferences! We treat clients like people, not like numbers. If you want to have an event where you are listened to, cared for, and valued, this is the best place to go!


What’s your favorite drink from the coffee shop? 

The Saraba with a double shot of espresso.


What is your best piece of advice for brides-to-be?

It is wonderful to have a servant’s heart and cater to the needs of your family and friends as well as your needs. But remember, this is your wedding, and you are allowed to call the shots and do things that you enjoy and make you comfortable. No matter how strong opinions may be, only you are getting married, it is not you and your guests getting married!


What is your proudest moment working for The Neidhammer?

I am very new, so I am not sure if I am able to answer that question yet. But, I am looking forward to the day that I can!

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