Indianapolis, IN

Neidhammer Staff Spotlight: Angie

Meet Angie, the Administrative Assistant at the Neidhammer!

 What is your favorite thing about working at The Neidhammer? I love the nature of the job. It is spontaneous and has plenty of opportunity for taking initiative, and using creativity. Although we have a protocol for running the events, I don’t think any two events have been identical. I love to see how each event reflects the bride’s unique personalities and wishes (our coordinators certainly do a great job granting this to our clients.) And I, as events staff and administrative assistant, love to help make this the best day for the couple and their guests!

In your opinion, what makes The Neidhammer stand out/unique? Our staff is not just part of the furniture, each individual is well versed in the mission and goal of the Neidhammer, which, first, is client satisfaction and second, creating a community that serves the needs of the clients and guests as well as the staff. That willingness to work together toward one goal sets high standards and good vibes, thus setting the Neidhammer apart from other venues.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I love being outdoors, especially as the weather gets warmer. I enjoy playing on a softball team, babysitting my niece and spending time with friends. I teach English to my friends in the banyamulenge community as well as advocate for #savemulenge (an African tribe in the Congo that is living under continual threat of genocide.) Otherwise, going to the gym, eating Mexican food and watching Hulu Originals is always fun.

What is a fun fact about you? I lived in “the bush” of Australia for a year, going to school in a remodeled cow shed, I am a Swiss Citizen, I don’t like Hawaiian pizza, and I thought the Neidhammer was called the “Humdinger” for the first two weeks of my hiring.

Why should people choose The Neidhammer to host their events? You should absolutely choose the Neidhammer for an event. Our main goal is your experience, and you can trust us to make it a good one! The venue is stunning and our service is exceptional. You will not be disappointed.

What’s your favorite drink from the coffee shop? Honestly whatever I have in my hand at the time! All of the drinks are amazing!

What’s your best piece of advice for brides-to-be? Choose your DJ wisely. Your music (and the DJ’s ability to cue and fade it) sets the tone for the entire event from your walk up songs, to dinner music, to dance party. We have a great sound system ready for you!

What has been one of your proudest moments working at The Neidhammer? There’s nothing like the feeling of leaving the Neidhammer at 12:00 AM after a successful event, where the bride left happy, the guests were fulfilled, and we spent the last two hours making our space spotless again with our enthusiastic team who are like family to me.




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