Indianapolis, IN

Neidhammer Staff Spotlight: Jennie

Meet Jennie, our Bar Supervisor at the Neidhammer!

Jennie Eldridge

What is your favorite thing about working at The Neidhammer? My favorite thing is the people I work with! I love the family environment and the teamwork! I also absolutely love our unique space and watching it transform!

In your opinion, what makes The Neidhammer stand out/unique? The Neidhammer has several unique features most venues don’t have! Beginning with the gorgeous wooden stairwells and perfect lighting throughout, to the historic tiles on the ceiling, and the most unique feature of all… the original stage. The industrial yet classic look of the Neidhammer offers clients a variety of unique ways to transform the space!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? I enjoy live music, family time, and traveling! My favorite vacation spot is Maui, and my favorite vacation cocktail is a Lava Flow! Cheers!

What is a fun fact about you? My fun fact is that I have traveled to over half of the states in America!

Why should people choose The Neidhammer to host their events? Everyone should host their events at Neidhammer because it is a beautiful and unique space that can be transformed and utilized in so many ways. It is perfect for all types of events. Our Neidhammer team is amazing and really goes above and beyond for our clients. Their memories at the Neidhammer will be cherished forever! Oh, and because I serve the best drinks!

What’s your favorite drink from the coffee shop? I am not a coffee person, but I love the crepes at the coffee shop! They are all delicious!

What’s your best piece of advice for brides-to-be? Enjoy every second of your joyous occasion! Step away form playing hostess and put your trust in the coordinator and venues you’ve hired! This will allow you to enjoy your special day!

What has been one of your proudest moments working at The Neidhammer? There are a lot of proud moments! I am so proud to participate in donuts and hugs on Christmas Day, its so rewarding to spread the joy!





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