Indianapolis, IN

How to Plan a Green Wedding in Indianapolis

Have the wedding of your dreams at Neidhammer while also keeping everything sustainable! We believe in doing everything we can to preserve the Earth for future generations and want to help you do the same with your special day. Follow this exclusive guide for everything that you can do to save the environment and make memories for years to come.

wedding dining set on a black tablecloth

Opt for Biodegradable Upgrades

An easy way to make your wedding more green is to substitute traditional flatware and cutlery with more modern, biodegradable options! We have selections for all your serving needs, from cups and silverware to classy buffet presentations. We make it easy to upgrade with a wide variety of replacements available, that way you can serve your guests and know that nothing will go to waste.

Bride and Groom's table overlooking a wedding venue

Choose Pre-Loved Decor

There are many situations where weddings are planned and the event passes with used decorations left behind in perfectly good condition. Make sure and check on Facebook Marketplace for people selling second-hand decorations that still have plenty of life left in them! With enough commitment and searching you can easily find some to fit the aesthetic of your wedding and you can rest assured knowing you’ve done your part to reduce waste. In addition, we recommend two clothing boutiques, Luxe Redux and Retulled Boutique, to provide well-made second-hand clothes to further reduce costs and unnecessary waste.

a bride holding a bouquet of flowers

Pay it Forward

Be environmentally conscious all while donating to a good cause by giving your flowers to Random Act of Flowers after the celebration is over. They make arrangements from flowers given to them so that people in the hospital and at senior healthcare centers can enjoy these flowers as well! Pass it on to others trying to go green while saving on your own as well. It’s just another way to make your wedding day earth-friendly!

a young couple just married

Share the Love While Saving the Planet

One of our most unique offerings for an environmentally friendly wedding is sharing with other couples! When wedding dates align close enough together, couples can share floral arrangements and decor between weddings and cut down on waste and expenses easily and conveniently. If you are interested in possibly sharing with another couple then please let us know when you fill out our RFP and we will cross-reference with other reservations for the best fit. Save the date and save the planet at the same time with all of these green options and more offered here at Neidhammer. Integrating even just one of these into your wedding will help greatly reduce waste and contribute to others that also wish to do the same! Book your dream wedding today and help keep our world that much more beautiful.

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