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The Best Catering for your Wedding

Beef or chicken? Pork or fish? Buffet or plated? While these are important questions for every wedding, the most coveted meal at a wedding isn’t the served dinner. No, no, the most important meal comes much later in the night, and sets your wedding apart from all other weddings. The late night snack! Yes, the late night snack. The menu item that no one at your wedding knew about that keeps the party going! There’s a point at every wedding where the couples look at each other and think, “well, it’s about that time.” That’s when the DJ announces a late night snack has entered the building! Energy levels reach a new high, people catch a second wind and think, “This was a great idea!” Serving a late night snack is a new wedding trend and we are all for it! Side note before we dig in: make sure your venue allows late night snacks! Some will have a late night menu due to in house catering, others, like The Neidhammer, have no catering restrictions, so all of the options below are allowed in our venue!


What to serve

From sweet to savory, or solid to liquid, the options are endless for what could be served as your late night snack! It can even be from a restaurant near and dear to your heart or whatever you think will sound good late at night! Here are some of our favorite late night snack options to consider at your wedding:


Pizza Delivery

It’s a safe bet that everyone in attendance at your wedding loves pizza. Pizza is a universal love language and it’s easy to order pizza from your favorite local restaurant and have a special-to-you late night snack. This is a great idea too if you constantly recommend a pizza restaurant to friends and they never try it, now they have to because it is your late night snack! Delicious and petty!


Indy Fresh Pizza at The Neidhammer

Photo by Megan Malmquist Photography


Food Trucks

There may be no better food on this Earth than the food served out of food trucks. It doesn’t even matter what food is being served! The moment a food truck pulls up to your wedding, every guest will rejoice in happiness. Food trucks and great times go hand in hand, so shouldn’t food trucks and weddings too? Lastly, food trucks make for incredibly cute photos with your spouse, so make sure to let your photographer know!


Pronto Taco Truck at The Neidhammer


Ice Cream

An easy crowd pleaser and a budget friendly option: Ice Cream Sandwiches! They’re delicious and you don’t have to worry about having someone to serve them, your guests can just grab as they please. There are some drawbacks to serving these treats though. For starters, the last thing you probably served was a sweet treat, either cake, donuts, cupcakes, and serving ice cream sandwiches may be too much for guests. You also have to think about the sandwiches melting before guests can get to them, which would be a travesty. Overall, if you want to have a late night snack and are on a tight budget, an ice cream sandwich is a great option to have!


Espresso Shots

You read that right! We saved the best for last. In our humble opinion, the best late night snack to have at your wedding is Espresso Shots! As the night gets later, your guests will start to hit a wall, but we know that keeping the party going is important, and nothing keeps the party going like espresso! Not to mention that our events center sits above the one and only Neidhammer Coffee Co! If you want your guests to have an extra jolt of energy late night to keep the party going, espresso shots may be your best option!


Neidhammer couple enjoying Neidhammer Coffee

Photo by LiaAnn Ellis

Final Course

Will a late night snack make or break your wedding? Absolutely not, it’s your day and the people around you will be there to celebrate with you no matter what. However, a late night snack is a fun addition to your wedding that adds a little personality and an unexpected twist for a lot of your guests! So whether your favorite food truck is pulling up or you’re serving espresso shots to liven the group, your guests will love the extra thought that you put into your celebration!


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