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Unique Unity Binding Ceremonies We Love

Make your special day even more memorable with a unique twist on the classic unity binding ceremony… unity blending! A trendy new way to have your wedding, we have everything you need to make your “unity blending” a truly unforgettable occasion that everyone at your wedding party will enjoy. We offer a variety of different forms for this new trend and have listed some of what we offer here, that way you can start planning an amazing ceremony with us at The Neidhammer.

bride and groom with glasses of wine

Wine Blending

Simple and elegant, wine blending has the two of you choose a bottle of red and white wine respectively, then combine the two wines together during the ceremony as a lasting symbol of your love. The resulting blend is then served as the first toast and the signature blend can additionally be saved in a bottle to open up on your wedding anniversary, a perfect way to remember the occasion and make any future anniversary that much more special. For the rest of your guests, we offer a full-service wedding bar with beer and wine and a selection of options for your convenience. Create your perfect wedding with a selection of premium add-ons including professional DJ’s, Wedding livestreaming, and much more! 

bride and groom with coffee

Coffee Blending

If you do not wish to use wine for the blending ceremony, why not try coffee instead? Blend together already made coffee, coffee grounds, or whole beans and create your own unique blended roast! Save some coffee for your anniversary and use your new blend for the first toast. A great option for coffee lovers and non-drinkers alike. We’re big fans of this kind of ceremony because we have a coffee house attached to us, and we know good coffee when we taste it! Find that perfect combination of coffee that both of you enjoy and incorporate your morning ritual into your special day for a unique, insta-worthy twist on a classic tradition.

a man blowing glass

Sand or Glass Blowing

Unity in Glass is an incredible alternative to wine or coffee with a highly personal process that will create a lasting bond of your love in pure glass. Couples are given a selection of glass crystal colors that combine together much like a sand ceremony, with both of them pouring different colors to consecrate their love. The color combination created by this union is then utilized in a unique glass creation that is designed by the newlyweds and serves as a physical reminder of that special moment for years to come.

a wedding box with a letter and flowers inside

Create an Anniversary Box

Another great way to celebrate the memory of your wedding day is by creating an anniversary box! A time capsule put together by the bride and groom, they can put in love letters, important objects, or anything else that solidifies these memories. You can even combine the wine or coffee ceremony and put your distinct blend inside the box as part of the package. Open it up every year and add new things, growing the story of your love while keeping the memories alive as the years go on.

a box of flowers with wedding rings

Flower Circle

For something more intimate, some couples opt for the beautiful simplicity of a flower circle. Guests line up to place flowers around the couple to signify their union and create a circle of love. The pictures are sure to be incredible and the flowers can be pressed in a book if the couple wishes to preserve them.

a wedding couple kissing at their wedding

Celebrate Your Love

Whichever option you decide on, The Neidhammer has everything you need to pull it off! We want your ceremony to be extra special and make lasting memories for both of you. Book a tour with us today and take a look at what could be the site of your future ceremony. If you love what you see, and we’re quite positive you will, then get in touch with one of our coordinators and they can help you plan the perfect wedding. Your love and commitment to each other is worth preserving, and we are dedicated to making that dream a reality for every couple that steps through our door.

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