Indianapolis, IN

Why a Winter Wedding in Indianapolis

We know what you’re thinking, we live in Indiana, and the winter is a no go for weddings. Well, we’re here to tell you that you are wrong! Winter weddings are a breeze! We are here to fully convince you to host a winter wedding, and when you decide you’re ready, make sure to call and ask us about our special seasonal pricing!


Glamour Galore

Winter weddings have upper echelon elegance. If you’re going to have guests attend your wedding in potential below freezing temperatures, you have to knock their socks off! Winter Weddings call for fur stoles for brides and bridesmaids (real or faux, we won’t make that call for you), pea coats for the guys, tons of candles, and of course photos taken in the snow! The all white landscape setting the scene for your wedding photos is brilliant and beautiful.


Bride and bridesmaids in stoles


The décor at winter weddings is the easiest part, and it always comes together so beautifully! Tables decorated with pine and pinecones, the sent filling the room, deep red and pink flowers for bridesmaids, and you can even give thoughtful and relevant wedding favors like mugs for coffee or an ornament with that date! Can you see it all coming together? Now, you’ll have to put your personal touches on it of course, these are just suggestions, but we have faith in you. At The Neidhammer we love the winter, and even have our very own Christmas tree on stage during December weddings, which looks amazing behind a winter ceremony.


Neidhammer couple by our Christmas Tree, showing off their flowers

Drink Menu

Lastly, the drink menu at winter weddings can be the showstopper. First, coffee for guests coming in off of the cold street is a must (dare we say Espresso?), and we love our coffee at The Neidhammer. You can even offer hot chocolate for the kiddos who don’t like coffee. On top of this, what about a spiked coffee/hot chocolate at the bar? Mulled wine is also an amazing call for the winter, and we make our very own mulled wine in house! The drink options are endless, and the warmer the drink, the better.


Couple in Coffee Shop


Wrapping Up

Now, you’re fully convinced and have everything you need to host your winter wedding! Winter weddings can be amazing and the ideas are endless! Best of luck planning your warm winter wedding!


Photos by Stacy Able Photography

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